Prohibited carry-on items

2018-11-01 11:16:00

Prohibited carry-on items include: firearms, military or police equipment (including major parts and components), explosives, controlled tools, inflammables and explosives, poisonous goods, corrosive articles, radioactive substances, other items that endanger flight safety (such as strong magnets that may interfere with the normal operation of various instruments on the aircraft), and articles with strong irritating smells are prohibited by the laws and regulations from being carried with and transported.
1. Dangerous items
2. Guns and other weapons (including major components)
3. Explosive or combustible substances and devices
4. Controlled tools
5. Other items, including infectious disease pathogens; fire sources (including all kinds of ignition devices), such as lighters and matches; power banks and lithium batteries (except for lithium batteries used in electric wheelchairs otherwise specified) with lithium content > 2 g or rated energy value > 160Wh (watt hours), and fuel cells (except for fuel cells that provide electricity for portable electronic devices in accordance with West Air regulations, other fuel cells are prohibited from being transported); alcoholic beverages with alcohol percentage more than 70% by volume; strong magnets, items with strong irritation smells or items that are likely to cause panic, and items that cannot be checked whether they are hazardous
6. Small li-battery balanced car, and manned single-wheeled or multi-wheeled mobile means powered by lithium batteries
7. Self-heated rice (instant rice, food-specific heat pack)
8. Samsung Galaxy Note7
9. Live animals, except for working dogs such as small animals, guide dogs, and hearing dogs as specified in the Conditions
10. Safety equipment, such as safe boxes, cash boxes, and cash bags, containing dangerous materials (including lithium batteries and pyrotechnic devices) are prohibited from being transported
11. Liquid oxygen device
12. Gun-type electronic powder fire extinguisher
13. Medical gaseous oxygen cylinders or air cylinders (if any passenger need to use oxygen cylinders on board for illness, he/she must apply to West Air 48 hours in advance)
14. Fresh and perishable items with obvious odors (such as seafood and durian)
15. Items prohibited from entry, exit or transit
16. Items with package, shape, weight, volume or nature not suitable for transportation
17. Other items prohibited by the state laws, administrative regulations and rules