What regulations are imposed on alcohol and tobacco?

2018-04-25 16:03:16

Tobacco: At present, no explicit restriction is imposed on the carry-on cigarettes for domestic flights by West Air, but it is not suggested to carry with too many cigarettes. Both carry-on and check-in cigarettes are acceptable. In terms of check-in cigarettes, it is recommended that you should lock your suitcases to avoid unnecessary losses.
Alcohol: In accordance with relevant provisions of the Announcement on Restricting the Carrying of Liquid Items on Board a Civil Aircraft: Alcoholic beverages are prohibited carry-on items, which should be checked in at the check-in counter before security check. When the volume percentage of alcohol is less than or equal to 24%, it is subject to no restriction by ensuring that the sealed package is not opened; when the volume percentage of alcohol is more than 24%, and less than or equal to 70%, the volume of checked baggage per passenger should not be more than 5L; when the volume percentage of alcohol is more than or equal to 70%, it will be deemed as dangerous items that are prohibited from being carried by passengers and should be banned from transportation. As the alcoholic beverages are generally packaged in glass bottles, in order to avoid damage or contamination of other passengers’ baggage due to bumps during sorting and handling of baggage, it is suggested that a separate foam box should be used and attached with “Fragile” signs. Staff at the check-in counter should also be informed to attach the liability-exempted baggage tags to the box as approved by the signature of the passenger. In case of any damage to the baggage containing alcohol during transportation, West Air is exempted from any liability.
Tips: Since each departure airport has different methods for shipping alcohol, you are required to follow the airport’s requirements when checking in.