Questions related to on-board meals

2019-02-20 11:28:08

Q: Why are meals not free and required to be booked?
A: As a low-cost operating company, West Air will not provide free catering services on board. However, we still prepare a variety of on-board food and beverages for you. You can order meals via our official website / APP / call center or buy them in the aircraft cabin depending on your preferences. Ordered products should be purchased 36 hours prior to flight departure. Booking in advance may help you save up to 56% of your meal expenses. Hot food may not be available in some of flights due to short voyages. Thanks for your understanding. Please note that: only food and beverages provided by West Air are allowable on board, and it is recommended that you should book on-board meals in advance due to the limited quantity of served food.
Q: Where can I buy the on-board meals?
A: You can order the on-board meals during your ticket booking process. If you have already purchased the ticket via our official website, you can still order the on-board meals by clicking “My Order” - “Ancillary Products” when the corresponding order is found on the website, within 36 hours prior to the flight departure.
Q: Where can I receive my ordered on-board meals?
A: You only have to show your boarding pass to our flight attendants after boarding. Our nice attendants will deliver your food to you as soon as possible.
Q: Can I return my ordered on-board meals?
A: In the normal case, once the order is made, cancellation and refund are not allowed. If the flight is delayed for more than 4 hours (included) due to airline or weather reasons, or subject to involuntary changes and cancellation, the passenger can call 95373 for a refund and the fees will be refunded within 7 working days.
Q: Can I change the ordered on-board meals?
A: If any passenger makes a voluntary change to the flight ticket, and over 36 hours (exclusive) are left before departure of the original flight, and the changed departure time is not earlier than the original departure t time, then the passenger can repurchase on-board meal and call 95373 to apply for refund of original meal fees when the payment is made. The fees will be refunded within 7 working days to the original payment account if the application is accepted. If the passenger fails to repurchase on-board meal within the period specified above, the original order will be canceled and the fees will not be refunded. If less than 36 hours (inclusive) are left before the original departure time, then the original order will be canceled after the change and the fees will not be refunded.
Q: Why haven’t I received the ordered on-board meal?
A: We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you. You can call 023-88738505 for feedback on normal working days. Once verified, we will promptly refund all meal expenses.