How can I purchase excess baggage allowance?

2018-11-01 11:12:33

Q: What can I do if I carry a lot of baggage?
A: You can book baggage allowance while you’re booking a ticket on our website. We’ll save you every penny!
Q: Can I purchase excess baggage allowance after my ticket is purchased?
A: If you have already purchased the ticket via our official website, you can still purchase excess baggage allowance by clicking “My Order” - “Ancillary Products” when the corresponding order is found on the navigation column. Or, you can independently purchase such excess baggage allowance via FLY PLUS App or our official WeChat.
Q: Can I purchase several pieces of excess baggage?
A: We designs several excess baggage weight options based on travelers’ requirements. You can purchase the most cost-effective option for usage. You can pre-purchase one piece of excess baggage allowance via our official website, FLY PLUS App, 95373 or our official WeChat. If you find it insufficient on site, you can make additional purchase.
Q: What’s the charging standard for purchase of excess baggage allowance on site?
A: Our charging standards are set based on rules of competent authority. Namely, excess baggage charge is 1.5% of full fare of the same segment per kg. During promotion of our differentiated services (since January 1, 2018), the following preferential policies shall apply: excess baggage charge is RMB 12 per kg for all routes. Excess baggage weight is in kg, rounded down to the units digit; and total charge is rounded down to the tens digit. For example, if you carry 4.5kg excess baggage, it will be rounded down to 4kg; and charging amount RMB 48 will be rounded down to RMB 40. The deadline of preferential policies is subject to notice.
If you have pre-purchased excess baggage allowance on the website, but actual checked baggage still exceeds the pre-purchased allowance, the excess part will be charged according to the on-site charging rules. For detailed charging standards.
Q: Can I cancel my baggage allowance and get a refund?
A: Free checked baggage allowance is not refundable independently. If you apply for a refund of unused ticket, excess baggage allowance charge will be refunded in full together with refundable fare. If you fail to receive baggage allowance after ticket refund, please call 24-hour customer service hotline 95373 for application of a supplement refund.
Q: If my ticket is rescheduled, do I need to rearrange the excess baggage allowance?
A: For voluntary change of flight date, you need to repurchase excess baggage allowance on the website; and you can apply for a refund for paid excess baggage allowance by calling 24-hour customer service hotline 95373 (or 023-88738505 during working hours). If you fail to repurchase excess baggage allowance, the purchased excess baggage allowance will be canceled and the fees will not be refunded.
Q: If the flight is rescheduled, how can I deal with my excess baggage?
A: If your flight date is changed due to our reasons, please contact our Call Center 95373 for timely update of your excess baggage information.