How do I refund my ticket?

2019-02-20 11:28:53

(I) I have purchased a ticket from your website. What should I do if I want to refund it?
If you want to refund a ticket purchased from our website, please log in our website and select Refund on Booking Management - Ticket - Order Search on the Navigation Column. If ticket refund is not available due to failure of system or account login, please contact the Call Center of West Air at 95373.
(II) Do I need to pay fees for refund?
If your ticket is not used, you can refund it within one year after the date of confirmation; if you have partially used your ticket, the unused part can be refund within one year after the date of your first trip. The “BAF and civil aviation development fund” will be fully refunded; fare refund will be charged according to the Management Rules of Multiple Classes of West Air. Booking fees will be charged.
(III) How to request a refund due to sickness?
If you want to refund your ticket due to medical reason,  please submit an involuntary refund application before flight departure. Or, contact West Air Call Center to cancel your booking and submit the involuntary refund application later. . Please clearly note “Refund for Medical Reasons” in the remark column while submitting the application.
Required Materials:
(1) Copy of your ID card;
(2) Your diagnosis proof and medical record with signature of attending doctor issued by a medical institution at or a hospital above county level;
(3) Bills of medical expenses (RMB 200 or more; and RMB 300 for international flight) printed from the hospital computer (if you are hospitalized and have no such printed bills, you may present charge details printed from the hospital computer and stamped with hospital seal). The  issuance date and print  date of the evidence must be later than the date on which you purchased the ticket and earlier than the scheduled departure time of your flight. Copies are allowed for all of the materials above. According to West Air rules, one accompanying passenger can apply for free refund. But if there are more than one accompanying passengers who would also request a refund, please submit “voluntary refund” and please note that a refund poundage will be charged.
Mailing address: Refund Unit, Innovative Development Department, 21F, Uranus Building B, Avenue of Stars, Yubei District, Chongqing Tel. 023-88733525  ( system number). Note: Freight collect is not allowed for express mail.
Please handle this procedure within the validation period of ticket so that you can receive your refund as soon as possible. If West Air fails to receive your materials overdue, it will be regarded as “voluntary refund” and charged of poundage. If you make a mistake in the submission of refund type, or fail to clearly specify the reason in the mark or your refund does not meet the conditions, it will be regarded as “voluntary refund” and charged of poundage. For details of Notice to Refund for Medical Reasons .
For other doubts, please call our service hotline at 95373.