How do I know that my ticket is confirmed after payment?

2019-02-20 11:26:59

Q: When will the ticket be confirmed after payment?
A: After the order is paid successfully, your ticket will be confirmed automatically. In the case of network delay, our system will try to confirm your ticket within 90 minutes again and again until the ticket is successfully booked, so as to ensure your travel. After the ticket is successfully confirmed, we will inform you via text message or email immediately. Please remember to check it. If you fail to receive the text message or email, you can enter the order details page to check if there is a ticket number. If so, it means that the ticket is confirmed, and you can take the flight.
Q: I have paid successfully but the ticket is confirmed, and my order is canceled. What should I do next?
A: If no ticket number is generated 2 hours after payment, there could be a payment failure due to network problem. Please call our 24-hour customer service hotline at 95373.
Q: I have purchased the ticket but failed to receive a message. Why?
A: If you book the ticket on our website, our system will automatically send a message or an email to you once the ticket is confirmed. There may be some time delay but it will not affect your boarding. If you book the ticket through other APPs or Mobile Webs, the message will be confirmed by such channel. For related information, please contact the ticket issuer.
Q: Where will I get my ticket?
A: As paperless ticketing, or e-tickets, was introduced to China in 2000. the traditional ticket is only for reimbursement purpose rather than a boarding voucher. If required, you may print your itinerary at West Air counters in Chongqing, Zhengzhou and other cities or Hainan Airlines ticket offices across China. Or, you may call national customer service hotline at 95373. Our customer service staff will record your requests. At present, only cash-on-delivery service is available. It is estimated that you’ll receive your itinerary within 5 days.
Q: When will my ticket be printed?
A: Given the capacity of TravelSky database, you can print your itinerary within 7 days from the date of payment to the date of departure. Please mind the time limit because no printing is allowed overdue.