What should I note when entering my name?

2019-02-20 11:27:17

1. The name on the ticket must be consistent with that on the ID document. Please enter passenger’s Last name/Surname (Pinyin) in the “Last Name” box and passenger’s First name/Given name (Pinyin) in the “First name” box. For example, your name is Zhang San. Please enter “Zhang” in the “Last Name” box, and “San” in the “First name” box.
2. Only Chinese or English is allowed for passenger name, which must not be longer than 24 letters (12 Chinese characters) for adults (No longer than 20 letters (10 Chinese characters) for children and 14 letters (7 Chinese characters) for babies). If your name is longer than the limit, please enter your name characters in order and omit the ones beyond the limit. Do not cut from the middle.
3. If your Chinese name contains a rarely used character, please replace it and the character following it with Pinyin: “李小毝” should be entered as “李小毝cai” and “李毝小” as “李caixiao”
4. If you’re a foreign traveler and your first name and last name are too long, please enter all your “Last Name” and initial of “First Name” (case-insensitive).