Cookies are used for the convenience of users.
A “Cookie” is a small piece of data sent by a web server (such as to your web browser when you are browsing a website. “Session cookies” will expire upon the end of a session on a browser and record your browsing activities during the session. “Permanent cookies” will be saved on your terminal to record settings or activities you may have possibly performed on multiple websites.
Cookies will not expose your computer to risks, as it is purely a text file rather than an executable program.
Cookies from the website of West Air make web page browsing more convenient. They also provide support for market research, publicity and collection of usage data. In addition, they are also used for network tracking that serves as the basis for provision of individually-oriented contents.
In addition to “session cookies” (which are deleted at the end of a session), we also have "permanent cookies" that are retained until your active deletion. Nevertheless, these cookies we use do not contain any personal data.
Cookie files are saved and deleted depending on your browser settings. Saved cookie files enable our web server to identify your terminal. When you visit the website next time, or switch between functions requiring entry of a password, cookies will save the information you have updated. By virtue of this, cookies make access to websites requiring entry of a user’s information easier. Besides, if you permit, cookies may help us provide you with more individually-oriented and enhanced browsing experiences.
The functions above are carried out unless you expressly refuse and stop the use of cookies by way of:
Setting your browser to refuse our cookies or not using cookies when browsing our website. In the second circumstance, we will be unable to save any text you have entered in any field and such text cannot be used for future searches, which means you are required to enter the data again when you access to our website next time, and we will be unable to provide you with personally customized contents.
Your browser may have been set to give a warning upon receipt of each cookie. In this case, an identification cookie will be sent every time when a web page is opened, and such warnings will largely impair your experience. Therefore, we recommend you to set your browser as always receiving cookies from West Air. The setting can be altered for any specific website.
You may log or to view more details about use or misuse of cookies.
Regardless of whether you have saved cookies, you are required to log in for safety reasons when you access to any section on our website that requires registration.
West Air also has data from third parties on its website. These third parties may set cookies so that they may acquire information relating to your data retrieval on the website when you are visiting the website. For further information about the use of cookies by any third party provider, you may just visit its website. Nevertheless, the use of cookies by any third party provider will always require your consent. If you decide not to grant consent or revoke your consent to the use (or misuse) of cookies, you may only use those functions which are free from cookies on our website.