Announcement on international business transfer of West Air from T1 to T4 of Singapore Changi Airport

Release Time:2018-05-08

Dear passengers:
According to the notification announced by Singapore Changi Airport, since May 15th, 2018, all flights of West Air operated in Changi Airport have been transferred to terminal T4. Ticketing issues can be consulted and processed through the original ticket office or our official hotline 95373. Details as followed:
1.Since May 15th, West Air business operated in Changi Airport has been transferred from terminal T1 to terminal T4.
2.On May 15th, PN6358 flights of Singapore-Chongqing (00:35-05:25) still depart from terminal T1.
3.On May 15th, PN6357 flights of Chongqing-Singapore(18:35–23:35)arrive at terminal T4.
Please check in at least 3 hours in advance to avoid missing the flight.
This notice is hereby notified.