Reaffirming Notice of Foreigners and Taiwan Compatriots taking flight into Tibet

Release Time:2017-04-20

It is hereby announced that:
According to the CAAC relevant documents, the provisions on foreigners and Taiwan compatriots taking flight into Tibet should be reaffirmed, and the details are as follow:
1. All the foreigners and Taiwan compatriots who will take flight into Tibet shall hold original copy of “Tibet Travel Permit” or “Confirmation Letter” approved and issued by the authorized department of Tibet Autonomous Region Government.
2. All the foreigners in China and Taiwan compatriots should buy flight tickets to Tibet and go through check-in procedures by the original copy of “Tibet Travel Permit” or “Confirmation Letter” to Tibet. Foreigners and Taiwan compatriots who take the international flights to Tibet through foreign countries should have the visa notification letter issued by authorized units of Tibet Autonomous Region and the original copy of “Tibet Travel Permit” or “Confirmation Letter”.
3. All sales units shall sell tickets and handle check-in procedures in strict compliance with the above provisions from the date when the notice is issued.