Notice for West Air Passengers traveling with Lithium Battery

Release Time:2017-04-20

Dear Passengers:
For your flight safety of your trip, please check by yourself before boarding to ensure that you have followed the following security procedures.
1. Any backup batteries you carry (including charging PO) shall not be placed in checked baggage, which shall only be used as self-care baggage to carry.
2. If the rated power of your backup battery (including charging PO) is above 100 Wh (watt hour), but not exceeding 160 Wh (watt hour), you shall obtain approval in advance from the airline carrier.
3. Backup battery each passenger carries (including charging PO) cannot exceed 2 blocks.
4. Any backup battery (including charging PO) with rated power above 160 Wh (watt hour) is not permitted onboard.