Credit Card Security Tips

Release Time:2017-04-20

Dear passengers,
Recently, cases of credit card information theft have caused heavy property losses to card holders. In order to avoid similar situation, West Air hereby provides following credit card security tips for your reference:
1. Stay alert and protect your personal information. Do not apply for a bank card on street, or entrust others to get a card, or ask a third person to submit your personal data, or tell others your card number, date of issuance, validity, password and your ID number.
2. Do not readily place trust in messages about your hitting the jackpot, tax reimbursement or cash exchange. Please keep calm when receiving these messages and call the official customer services of the card issuing bank for confirmation.
3. When using an ATM, please check whether the card slot is broken or blocked, if any abnormality is found, please stop using the ATM and report to the bank. While entering your password, please shield the keypad with your hand in case of hidden camera.
4. When you pay with your card, please always keep it within your sight for fear that the cashier steals your card information by illegal equipment; while inputting your password, please shield the keypad with your hand to avoid prying.
5. Please do not purchase ticket from unauthorized agency or website. If you buy your ticket online, please choose a reputable and long-operated website. It is suggested to purchase tickets directly from our official website (; service hotline: 95373). Please do not click any unidentified links, floating windows or URLs in messages or emails for fear of phishing websites. Please do not log in your online bank, make online deals or input your personal information in public places in case of card information steal.
If loss of account fund occurs, please call the bank service at once to freeze your account and report it to the police.
China West Air Co., Ltd.
March 28, 2016