Special discounted domestic flight offers to disabled military/police passengers via the website

Release Time:2018-03-07

To protect the legitimate rights and interests of disabled veteransor policemen with disability resulted from performance of duty, and provide practical convenience for disabled military/police passengers to purchase tickets, West Air is reconstructing its ticket system for the special offer of discounted tickets to disabled military/police passengers. For purchase of such discounted tickets, please call the Call Center of West Air on 95373.
West Air hereby warns that passengers are legally obligated to provide truthful information. It is illegal to falsify one’s identity as or pretend to be a serviceman or policeman, and corresponding legal liability will be pursued. Upon procurement of boarding formalities, disabled military/police passengers are required to show their original identity documents and disabled military/police certificates.
TravelSky has set a code reminder in the identity attribute of disabled military/police passengers to remind the airline to verify corresponding disabled military/police certificates upon check-in. The airline may refuse to let anyone with an inconsistent certificate to board, immediately report to the police when any fake disabled military/police passenger is found, communicate in a timely manner details of passengers concerned according to the Measures for Management of Record on Uncivilized Behaviors of Civil Aviation Passengers; in such cases, the ticket of the passenger will be subject to a voluntary refund.