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Passenger Notice

Passenger Notice of West Air

Dear passengers:

Thank you for choosing WestAir, in order to provide you a better service and ensure your rights are not infringed, please read the following tips:

1.Personal information

You must write the real passengers information and remain your real and effective contact information so that WestAir can contact you in any cases in time. Meanwhile, in order to avoid flight missing caused by time-rush, we suggest you arrive at airport at least 90 minutes ahead and transact related boarding procedure.

2.Distinctive Service

In order to reduce travelling cost, WestAir implements distinctive service comprehensively.


In case of applying the change of flight time or refund, must charge according to related ticket regulation.


Each passenger can take one free hand baggage within 5KG (do not exceed 7KG in international flight) and 20X30X40CM.According to ticket price, some passengers can own free check-in baggage within 10KG,or else have no.Infants cannot own free baggage, but can bring one folding handcart within 20CM×40CM×55CM and 5KG (do not exceed 7KG in international flight). If the size or weight of the handcart cannot accord with the regulation, it must be viewed as check-in baggage.

Cabin service

There is no free catering service on board, but the service can be charged. If you need, please purchase through official website, official Wechat or 24-hour service hotline 95373 at least 36 hours ahead before flight-launching.

3.Dangerous goods transportation

In order to be sure safe flight, please comply with the dangerous goods transportation regulation of WestAir strictly, WestAir emphasizes that SAMSUNG NOTE7 must be not brought on board.WestAir prohibits transporting portable battery, lithium battery and related goods. Do not bring portable battery out of 100Wh on board.

4.Flight delay/cancellation service

According to 56th Order 2016 of Ministry of Transportation of PRC and related regulations of 《West Air Conditions of Carriage》approved by CAAC, In case of the situation, WestAir can provide the following service for you.


In case of flight delay/cancellation, please be sure to fill in your contact while make the reservation. If irregularity occurs, we will notify you the irregularity in 30mins and keep updating. You may also log on “www.westair.cn” for flight status query.


You may contact the original ticket issuer for a full refund after the flight delay/cancellation. Passengers make a reservation by West Air official website/wechat/app could submit the refund application on www.westair.cn. Passengers chose to continue their travel may log on official website/wechat/app for a self-service amendment. Passengers may also contact the original ticket issuer, west air sales counter or service line 95373, and we will change the ticket to the flight 3 days before/after of the original flight, or endorse to the flight which has the ticket endorsement agreement with West Air.

Delay in cabins

The crew shall update flight status every 30 minutes to passengers if passengers is on board. The crew shall diliver free catering service if the delay excess 2hours(include).if the predicted delay excess 3 hours(include)without clear take-off time, on condition of no violation of aviation safety and violation of provisions for the safety and security,we will contact the ground for passenger aircraft.

Flight Delay (Cancellation) Certification

Passengers may acquire the Flight Delay (Cancellation) Certification by the following way: ①service counter in airport ②24h service line 95373 ③official website: WWW.WESTAIR.CN ④wechat official account(westair95071095) ⑤west air official APP.


Flight delay/cancellation at the original airport caused by aircraft maintenance, flight dispatch, crew and other airline reasons, West Air will provide free meal or accommodation service for the passengers. Flight delay/cancellation caused by weather condition, emergency situation, air traffic control, security check, passenger and other non-airline reasons at the original departure airport, West Air will assist passengers to arrange meal and accommodation, but the cost is on passenger themselves. Domestic stopping-over flight delayed/canceled at the stopping-over point, or diversion occurs during the flight, West Air will provide free meal or accommodation service for the passengers.


As a domestic leading LCC airline, West Air strives to reduce the travel cost of the passenger. Limited by high cost of aviation industries and low ticket fare, due all reasons, West Air will not provide any other compensations except mentioned above. We appreciate your understanding.

5.Over-Selling service

Due to mistaking, WestAir may sell ticket out of the number of actual seat in some flights,in order to meet more passengers’ travelling requirement. WestAir suggest you to transact boarding procedure earlier.

In the case of over-selling, WestAir can ensure to offer passengers free next flight with economy cabin based on the willingness of passengers. WestAir can provide free food and beverage in meal time for passengers waiting for next flight. WestAir can provide free hotel for passengers waiting for next flight out of 4 hours and assist them in transacting boarding procedure again. Moreover, WestAir offers passengers cash compensation within 200 to 400RMB. If you give up your travel, WestAir gives you full refund and cash compensation with 200RMB


Please maintain the flight order and safeguard your rights in proper way. Any insults or attack on staff, or entering restricted area, block of security check entrance, boarding gate, rushing of apron, or taxi lane, or runway, force intercept, force boarding, occupation of aircraft, damage of facility and equipment, or conduct of other acts that disrupt the production order of the civil aviation transport shall bear the civil or criminal liability.

For more information, you can log on WWW.WESTAIR.CN, click《West Air Conditions of Carriage》《The Notice of Differentiated Services》、《Service Guide For Flight Delay/Cancellation》、《Service Guide For Over-booking》to know more.

West Air Ltd.Co.

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