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Forbidden Goods

Forbidden Goods

The following items are forbidden from carying as baggae or being packed in the checked baggage. They also are not allowed to be carried into the cabin as self-care baggage and carried-on items.

1.Security equipments,such as Attache, cash box and cash bags with dangerous items like lithium battery and/or pyrotechnic substance.

2.Disabling devices and devices with pungent odor such as mace,pepper spray.

3.Personal medical liquid oxygen devices.

4.Electric shock weapons containing explosive items,compressed gases,lithium batteries and other dangerous items.

5.Guns, simulative cap pistols, gun-type Zippos, and all attacking weapons except for the guns for sports.

6.Armament or police weapons, controlled knives.

7.Live animals, except for small animals, guide dogs and hearing dogs as stipulated in the Conditions.

8.Other items prohibited from transportation by Chinese government.

Goods Acceptable with Operator Approval, as Checked Baggage Only

The following goods can be carried as checked baggage with West Air approval.

1.Ammunition.Securely packaged ammunition (cartridges for weapons,small arms) in Division 1.4S (UN 0012 or UN 0014 only) ,in quantities not exceeding 5 kg (11 lb) gross weight perperson for that person's own use,excluding ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles.

2.Wheelchair/mobility aid with non-spillable wet batteries which comply with special provision A123.

3.Wheelchair/mobility aid with spillable batteries.

4.Wheelchair/mobility aid with lithium cell.

5.Camping stoves and fuel containers with flammable liquid.

6.Dangerous items like attache case, cash box, and cash bage with dangerous devices, and security device with lithium cell and pyrotechnic substance .

Goods Acceptable with Operator Approval, as Unchecked Baggage Only

The following items can not be carried as or be packed in unchecked baggage, and they only can be carried as unchecked baggage and be kept by passengers themselves.West Air will only take the liability of loss of average checked baggages, when the following items were lost if they were packed in checked baggage.

1.With West Air’s approval, only one mercury barometer or thermometer can be carried by representativeness from government meteorological bureau or similar agencies in solid outer packing.

2.With West Air’s approval, less than two standby batteries with the rating from 100WH to 120WH can be carried,and they should be packed respectively.

3.Important documents and files.

4.Include but are not limited to currency, bill of exchange and other valuable securities, antiques, calligraphy and painting.

5.Fragile, damageable and cauterant items.

6.Travel documents.

7.Other items which need special care.

Items that can be carried as baggages with West Air’s approval

Strict quantity and package limits are put on following items which only can be carried when they meet West Air transportation requirements.

1.Gaseous oxygen or air cylinders for medical use.Each cylinder should weighs less than 5 kg.

2.Containing carbon dioxide or other suitable gas in Division 2.2.Up to two (2) small cartridges fitted into a self-inflating safety device .Not more than one (1) device per passenger,and up to two (2) spare small cartridges per passenger,not more than four (4) cartridges up to 50 ml water capacity for other devices.

3.Every passengar can take one avalanche rescue backpack with hidden dangerous article on the plane.The avalanche rescue backpack may be equipped with a pyrotechnic trigger mechanism containing not more than 200 mg net of explosive in Division 1.4S.

4.Chemical Agent Monitoring Equipment.

5.Each passengar can take carbon dioxide,solid(dry ice) in quantities not exceeding 2.5 kg.

6.Heat producing articles.Battery-powered equipment capable of generating extreme heat,which would cause a fire if activated,e.g.underwater high-intensity lamps.

7.Light weight electronic medical device. Light weight electronic medical device with lithium metal or lithium ion battery core.

8.Precise instruments, electric appliances, etc. shall be checked as goods, if transported as checked baggage, they shall meet West Air’s requirement, be properly packed, and weight of such goods shall not be included in free baggage allowance. The freight of such goods is charged as excess baggage.

9.Sports equipment, including sports guns and ammunitions may be transported as checked baggage with the guns carriage license or the approval issued by the state physical cultural administrative departments. Guns must be unloaded with the safety catch on, and suitably packed.

10.Small animals, guide dogs, hearing dogs and other working dogs.

11.Diplomatic pouches and confidential documents.

12.Sharp tools and blunts other than controlled knives, like kitchen knives, fruit knives, table knives, art ware knives, scalpels, scissors, sickles; knives, swords and spears for shows; knives and swords as antiques or souvenirs; steel files, axes, short staffs, hammers etc., shall be included in checked baggage for transportation instead of being carried with the passengers themselves.

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