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Valid Identification Certificates

Security Notes

The security check station of airport will check passengers’ valid identity certificates and boarding passes before boarding the aircraft.

Valid Identification Certificates include: resident identity cards of mainland China, temporary resident identity card, valid passports, military officer's identity cards, certificates of civilian cadre, certificates of compulsory serviceman, certificates of non-commissioned officer, certificates of civilian cadre, certificates of Civilian personnel Chinese PLA, army staff card, police officer's identity cards of Chinese armed police force, soldier's identity cards of Chinese armed police force, seaman's passport, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents, passports issued by foreign government, Diplomatic personnel certificate issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, Foreigner's Permanent Residence Identity Card/ Foreigner's Permanent Residence Card, and other valid identity documents according to CAAC.

Valid boarding Identity certificates for Residents of mainland China under age sixteen included: Medical certificate of birth, household registers, student's identity card and the identity certificate issued by residence registered public security organ.

Passengers for domestic flights shall use the same one valid Identity certificates for purchasing ticket, checking, and security check.

Note: The temporary identity certificates should be attached with a recent photo of the person, and stamped by the special seal of household registration of local public security organs with an indication of their validity period. Passengers with Temporary Identity Certificates for Civil Aviation Transportation produced by the public security organs of civil aviation can get on-board within the validity period of the certificates. Passengers who hold a copy of identity cards, fake or altered certificates, and infringed certificates shall be denied boarding and transferred to the public security organ of civil aviation.

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