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Valid Identification Certificates

Security Notes

The security check station of airport will check passengers’ valid identity certificates and boarding passes before boarding the aircraft.

Valid Identification Certificates means the documents that must be presented by the passenger when purchasing a ticket and checking in so as to prove his/her identity as required by competent government departments, including resident identity cards; valid passports, travel document of a Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan resident, military officer’s identity cards, police officer’s identity cards, soldier’s identity cards, certificates of a civilian cadre or a retired cadre, household registers for a minor under the age of 16 and other documents that can be used according to relevant provisions.

Passengers who lost their valid identity certificates can get through the security check with temporary identity certificates produced by local police stations in the place of his/her registered permanent residence. If a passenger’s identity certificate is stolen or lost outside of his/her registered permanent residence, he/she can get onboard with a temporary identity certificate produced by the public security organ of the place where the identity certificates are stolen or lost (local public security organs).

Note: The temporary identity certificates should be attached with a recent photo of the person, and stamped by the special seal of household registration of local public security organs with an indication of their validity period. Passengers with Temporary Identity Certificates for Civil Aviation Transportation produced by the public security organs of civil aviation can get on-board within the validity period of the certificates. Passengers who hold a copy of identity cards, fake or altered certificates, and infringed certificates shall be denied boarding and transferred to the public security organ of civil aviation.

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