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General Knowledge of Air Travel
Q1. Why passengers feel that ears are blocked when the plane is descending?

The rapid descending of the plane may cause a sudden change to pressure inside the cabin, so passengers may feel that their ears are blocked. Open your mouth or grit your teeth, just like chewing gum, and this ear blocking will disappear naturally.

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We will be taking off shortly. Please fasten your seat belt. So many rules. 34


Fastening seat belts is to keep passengers safe. When the plane takes off, the plane travels at high speed and forms a big angle with the horizon due to climbing. Passengers are required to fasten seat belts before take-off to protect them from getting injured by a sudden hit or avoid other accidents in turbulence, shaking, side-tracking or other phenomena caused by cloud or wind in low altitude or pilot’s operation. Similarly, passengers also have to fasten seat belt when the plane is going through cloud, encountering air disturbance, descending and landing.

Q2.Why cannot drunken passengers take the aircraft?


Please change to other flights as you are drunk.

Drunken passengers are not allowed to take civil planes according to related regulations for passengers’ safety reasons. Firstly, it is bad for your health as travel in high-altitude after drinking. It is easy to trigger cardia-cerebrovascular disease; besides, drunken passengers are likely to misbehave and fail to control themselves, which is a hidden danger to other passengers. Therefore, you shall be prudent in drinking if you are going to travel by air. If any passenger has drunk a lot, please contact the medical department at the airport to check whether he/her is fit for boarding or sober him/her up.

Q3.Do not bring magnetic toys onto the plane.
Objects with highly magnetic may interfere with the normal operation of precision instruments on the plane, thus greatly reduce the safety. Therefore, objects with highly magnetic are not allowed to be brought onto the plane according to civil aviation regulations.
Notice from airport security: Please check if there is any object with highly magnetic in your and your child’s baggage for your own and others' safety.

Q4.Special passengers like pregnant women and children need to apply for air travel in advance.

Although the civil air transport is comfort and safe, some special provisions for transporting pregnant women and infants are made for health and safety reasons.

When the plane is flying in high altitude, the oxygen content in the air is relatively low and the pressure is lowered. As pregnant women and newborns have weak immune system, changes in pressure are easy to lead physical and psychological illness. Meanwhile, newborns have undeveloped respiratory functions, short eustachian tube and mucus obstruction in nasopharynx, and cannot swallow when the pressure changes. It is difficult for them to maintain the pressure balance inside and outside the membrane. Therefore, infants younger than 14 days and passengers whose pregnancy exceeds 9 months are not allowed to take the plane according to civil aviation regulations.
Infant shall avoid long time flying for health reasons. When the plane takes off, the passenger who carries an infant shall insert cotton balls prepared in advance into his/her ear holes to protect him/her from air pressure fluctuation.

Q5. How to deal with flight delays?
Flight XXX is delayed due to bad weather; please stay in the waiting room.
Flight XXX, copy that.

Once flight delays, Airline Company and airport workers share a common goal with passengers, which is return the flight to normal as early as possible. Therefore, we shall treat flight delays rationally. Otherwise, flights may be delayed indefinitely. Bad behaviors such as destroying airport facilities, beating airport staff and so on only put you in unreasonable position. Reasons of flight delays are various, so are ways and approaches to solve delays. Flight delays cannot be solved by one person or one airline. Only the civil aviation, passengers and other related departments work together can achieve the multi-win situation. In other words, coordination of many parties is needed to ensure the on-time taking off and landing of flights. As the air transportation is a system engineering, problems occurred in it shall be solved from the whole system instead of focusing on some part or department. Only in this way, it is possible to reduce the flight delays. According to some statistics, in China, 1/5 domestic flights are not on time every year and over 10 million passengers have encountered delays. Once passengers refuse to board when flight delays, a series of flights and up to 3 – 6 times of people will be affected.

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