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Only the tastiest flavours make up our varied menu, Maximise your meal!

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◆Westair flights do not provide free catering services

◆Consumption of outside food & beverages is not allowed on board Westair flights

◆All menu items are subject to availability. Meal options may change or cancel without prior notice

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Spicy Beef NoodleOrder now save ¥5!include drink

Authentic sichuan-style cuisine, spicy, fresh fragrance.

Taiwan Style Stewed PorkOrder now save ¥5!include drink

Minced pork rice is a symbol of Taiwan. The basic ingredients include ground pork marinated and boiled in soy sauce served on top of steamed rice.

(Muslim)Curried BeefOrder now save ¥5!include drink

Beef cooked with potatoes, carrots and onions in a curry flavor.

(Muslim)Kung Pao ChickenOrder now save ¥5!include drink

Chicken stir-fried with peanuts, carrots and onions in a salty and spicy flavor.

Sichuan Beef Jerky(68g)

Famous Chinese brand, high quality beef based materials, high protein content, low fat content, tender meat, crisp texture, taste delicious.

Orion Pie(2 pieces in)

Soft cake layer, rich chocolate coating, Q cotton candy, sweet soft waxy, soft not sticky teeth.

JiuGui Peanut(70g)

Selection of peanuts, collocation quality formula, taste delicious.

Spiced Compressed Tofu(10g)

Delicate taste,Q elastic strength rich in collagen protein.

Hot Kid Milk Drink(245ml)

Rich in the human body every day must be a variety of amino acids, calcium, fat, vitamins and other nutrients.

Mineral Water(350ml)

Alkaline mineral water, add vitality to the statement.

Jujube Juice(246ml)

Contains various nutrients needed by the body, fresh and delicious.


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*If you have a known allergic reaction/sensitivity you should contact your treating doctors to discuss the travel risks.
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