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Product Regulations

1.The first step(★★★★★):Make sure you are a registered member of Westair official website. Before you buy this product, you need to be logged on our website.

2.The number of purchase(★★★★):Each order can only buy one-way ticket,and the passenger must be the registered user. It is cannot be modified!( However, you can make multiple orders to buy more tickets)

3.(★★)The route search results is only the ticket face value. It does not include any value-added products and services of other civil aviation development fund fees, fuel surcharges.

4.After you make a order, you need to complete the online payment within 10 minutes, otherwise, the order will be automatically canceled.

5.Product sales time: 14th and 28th of each month. In addition, there is more occasional special promotions, please note the announcement of Westair’s official website, official Weibo ,official WeChat, Tencent QQ group;

6.Flight information:Each time’s flight and travel dates are different, please according to search result to buy.

7.This product does not apply to children, infants and other Westair’s special restricted passengers. (Special Passengers)

8.(★★)All the product tickets may not be changed, refunded, or endorsed.

9.(★)If the flight is not normal, there is not any compensation, but you can change to the flight around three days or full refund.

10.As a low-cost airlines, Westair provides differentiated services to passengers,such as purchasing meals, luggage and so on to meet the individual needs of different travelers.

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