Notice on Enabling Voice Verification Code

Dear Customers,

In order to maintain superior service quality, the West Air official website will enable voice verification code function from today. When you click "Get Verification Code" on the registration page, 125909888180 will call your mobile phone and broadcast verification code 2 times.


1. The number of 125909888180 is only used for voice verification code broadcast, please do not call back. West Air’ staff will not use this kind of number to call you. If you need a consulting service, please call the West Air’s official website customer service phone 95373.

2. If your phone is off, busy or the signal will not be able to receive, you will unable to receive voice call. Please re-obtain the verification code after your mobile communications is normal.

3.This service applies only to Mainland China, please enter Mainland China mobile phone number to “Get Verification Code" on the registration page.

China West Air Co., Ltd.
November 17,2016