Samsung Galaxy Note7 Phones Prohibited on All Westair Flights

Dear Passengers,

As regarding to the problems of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 Device, and for the security of air transportation, West Air prohibits the carrying and transportation of Samsung Galaxy Note7 device, detail as follows:

1.Passengers and crew members are strictly prohibited to carry Samsung Galaxy Note7 device with themselves or carry in hand luggage on flight.

2. Passengers and crew members are strictly prohibited to put Samsung Galaxy Note7 device into checked baggage.

3.Transportation of Samsung Galaxy Note7 device as air cargo is strictly forbidden.

The violation of the above provisions will be severely treated in accordance with the relevant state laws and regulations by the public security department and civil aviation administrative department.

Please strictly implement the relevant provisions while purchasing West Air ticket, so as not to affect your trip.

West Air Co. Ltd

October 27, 2016