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The founding principle of West Air is to be reliable and trustable for our customers with our affordable price and customized high quality services since we are engaged in a business where the responsibility of safety is the thumb one consideration.

To be one of the most successful low cost airlines in Asia, West Air will keep attaining the lowest cost so that everyone can fly with us. West Air promises that air travel can be simple and always could be more enjoyable with our innovative practices and integrity.

West Air has operated since 2007, and more than sixty routes have been introduced in a great number of domestic and international cities. By the end of 2017, West Air will grow to the size of 33 aircrafts and more international routes will get off ground soon.

West Air is strongly safety conscious and caring every customer with our sincere respect. Our passion and hardworking earned us “APAC Airline Star-Up of the Year 2014” by CAPA in 2014, “Asia’s Leading Low-Cost Airline”, “China’s Leading Low-Cost Airline” by WTA in 2015 and “World’s Leading Most efficient Low-Cost Airline”, “China’s Leading Low-Cost Airline”, as well as “Asia’s Leading Most efficient Low-Cost Airline” in 2016.

Cabin144186 or 180
Average cruising speed(km/h)848955
Average age5.53
Maximum takeoff weight(kg)7550077000
Farthest distance shipping(km)68005700
Maximum operating height(m)1213111920
Wings width(m)34.0934.09


319外景图 319座位图


320外景图 320seat180

(180 seats)


(186 seats)

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